Achieve that brilliant reflective shine even on the toughest substrates

API’s next generation foil, the UB Series, is designed to be extremely effective on porous, absorbent, more challenging substrates typically used for wines and spirits packaging.

Over two years in research and development, the UB Series, is a metallic hot foil with superior performance characteristics on a range of presses, but particularly effective in rotary applications.  A dust free foil, the UB Series delivers sharper definition and can be used for both fine detail and larger area coverage.

The wider operating temperature of the UB Series improves production efficiencies with the option for machinery to run at lower temperatures or faster speeds.

Formulated with maximum versatility in mind, the UB Series is available in two grades and can also be applied to smooth coated paper stocks and filmic labels.

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Features & Benefits

Bright reflective finish on text and graphics

Brilliant shine

Ideal for use on rough un-coated paper stocks and labels

Unique adhesive

Excellent coverage and sharper definition

Dust free

Increased production efficiencies

Wide operating temperature

Use for fine detail and large area coverage

Custom coverage

What our customers say

A really good foil, when can we buy more

MCC Drogheda, Italy

Perfect result, no dust, no blanket contamination

Federighi, Italy