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A recent survey commissioned by API revealed that 78% of brand owners believe that packaging which aligns itself to the latest cultural, fashion and design trends has a positive impact on consumer buying behaviour.

Through its global network, specialist creative and technical expertise, API has identified four key creative trends driving the luxury packaging sector. Showcased in the 2020/2021 Annual Trends Folio, these trends highlight how an informed use of foils, laminates and holographics can empower brands to capitalise on upcoming market changes, differentiate from the competition and stand out on the shelf.

Now in its fifth year, the trends folio has become a highly anticipated and trusted resource for brand owners, packaging designers and printers.

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Curator and Group Creative Development Manager David Peters briefly summarises the 2020/21 packaging trends

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Helpful tool that aids in packaging development

Blue Marlin UK

The trends folio really helps with product inspiration

Lewis Moberly UK

You just want to touch and feel the folio, like a magpie

Interbev UK

When David presents the trends it really gets the creative juices flowing

Interbev UK