Intellectual beauty – Muted metallics

Subtle colour hues are secondary to complex data construction. Bespoke API holography referencing nature’s unique formations and details. Visual packaging and displays whilst natural in look and feel, can promote either the technical properties of product formulations – or ergonomic primary packaging.

Key visual identifiers are:

  • Delicate natural references
  • Muted holographic tones
  • Condensation, frost and matt effects
  • 3D structures taking influence from sculpture / fine art
  • Pastel shades

Specialist category:


Copper & gold highlights still strong for 2020-21

Strong light lens reflections through delicate masked areas create real movement on pack

Cellular configuration wall display showcasing foil applications

Intricate detailing - small area embellishment

Soft metallic foil - embossed for premium perfumery

Foil applied to premium skincare brand JANDA