Impulsive concepts – clashing styles

Dense colours, matt’s and pigments – isolated shine and reflections. This trend is less fussy, industrial and bold.

Taking inspiration from ‘downtown’ cities. Typography takes on a hand drawn or spray paint graffiti effect. Large scale digital prints and surface designs have depth and perspective. Holographic, motion designs creating unique brand equity are explored.

Key visual identifiers are:

  • Downtown energy & abstract influences
  • Colours with edge
  • Styles clash, design is bold
  • Why wait? Be impulsive!
  • Architectural inspiration
  • Tired structures digitally re-born

Specialist Category:

Drinks/White Spirits


Copper grid effect with motion rainbow

Holographic bee data creation
Detailed light manipulation

Transmet lamination. Premium effect

Polka Dot Holographic/high gloss simulation