Primary matrix

Evolving from our ‘Pause’ trend, Primary matrix is our ‘Thinking Trend’. Our in-house holography designer has now developed patented effects for the decorative sector. Never before seen finishes that combine science, light detailing and complex structures. 

Primary Matrix offers the unique and bespoke. It reminds us that once in a while we need to ‘look up’ and think more deeply about what is going on beneath the surface.

The API effects presented are a collection of holography, 3D structures and effective print applications to our materials.

Key visual identifiers are:

  • Sharp Science & Traditional Pigments
  • Light manipulation, Surface exploration, Solid colour ways
  • Science meets decoration

Specialist Category:

Tobacco and e-Cigarettes

Tattinger limited edition. Lens ‘chisel effect’ crafted within typography.

Brand made holography - Manipulating light and direction in-house

Dramatic reflective innovation – the nucleus of primary matrix

Geometrics – bold engraved treatments

Sphere tessellation deep lens technology

Bolt matrix flash engraved effect