Neon Storm

This is escapism at its most dynamic and confident. Neon Storm effects are stimulating and out of this world, exploring and exploiting kinetic energy through API exclusive HoloniqueTM technology.

The effects presented are a mixture of freestyle effects and calculated insignias. Influences are gained from some of our retro effects such as Guinness Book of records 1997.

Key visual identifiers are:

  • Tropical Drama & Holonique Freestyle
  • Hyper sensory, hyper-textures, Hyper-exotic
  • The power of expression through dramatic colour marks and psychedelia.

Specialist Category:

Travel Retail

Powerful & Dynamic

Bespoke Ciroc lens orb

Powerful pillars of light/emboss range detail

Lavaforce – Kinetic rainbow

HoloniqueTM custom exclusively

API holographic retro classic shards