The power of innocence and nature created through delicate light treatments and structure. Nature takes us to the unknown: orbiting distant planets with celestial atmospheres. Here we submerge ourselves into beautiful light, textures and free flowing forms.

The effects presented are to stimulate the senses of the consumer, combining technology with individuality, taking the designer on a visual journey to the unexplored. Influences are gained from traditional soft engraved technology and our extreme matt foils.

Here we are pushing natural beauty to its limits. Full surface Laminations used as powerful beacons in-store.

Key visual identifiers are:

  • Cosmic lights and Surreal Beauty
  • Emotion, Enlightening, Illuminating

Specialist Category:


Features Moët Chandon effective lens and printing graduation

Foiling and embossing frosting effect on labels – fragrance category

Our very own trend folio cover – diamond sparkle

Muted lens ‘molecule’ effect for premium skincare

Shell iridescence overlay

Holographic molten mixed media