Market Insights

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of foils, laminates and holographic materials, API is well placed to carry out market research on topical subjects relevant to the packaging industry and provide insightful findings based on such research.

Browse our latest research findings below to discover more.

Empowering brands to tell their story

Brand empowerment specialist API Group commissioned an independent survey of decision makers and brand managers in the creative and marketing industry, to gather their views on the key trends and issues affecting packaging today.

Empowering brands to do the right thing

Through an independent survey of the senior decision makers behind some of the biggest global brands, API reveals the biggest trends and issues surrounding sustainability in packaging in 2018 and beyond.

Empowering brands to stay on trend

API reveals the biggest trends in powerful packaging for 2018 through the results of an independent survey carried out with senior decision makers behind some of the biggest global brands. When it comes to the evolution of packaging trends, the results show what the industry believe to be the biggest drivers of change.

Empowering brands to shine

API reveals the latest packaging issues and trends for 2018. When it comes to empowering brands to shine, our results show that there are three big opportunities to look out for...

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