Pigment hot stamping foils

Pigment hot stamping foils bring many of the same advantages for the application of colour which metallic hot stamping foils have over metallic inks and liquid coatings.

Specifically, the use of heat and pressure to apply pigment foil enables the contours of the substrate to be flattened out to provide a smooth surface in the ‘printed’ area.

Clean, high quality text and graphics can therefore be achieved on uneven, rough and textured surfaces.

Another key benefit of foil is the simple, clean process by which it is applied. With fewer process variables, machines tend to be relatively low cost and simple to operate and there are no process chemicals to worry about, with associated health, safety & environmental implications.

This makes pigment hot stamping foils particularly relevant for low volume, high quality label applications.

On plastics and other solid materials, the stamping process can set to imprint text or other graphics deep into the substrate with a full, even and clean-edged layer of colour below surface level and protected from removal by wear and tear.

Compared with inks and liquid coatings, foils deliver a higher pigment load per unit area, resulting in greater colour depth and opacity.

Finally, the resistance properties of foil come into play in functional applications such as on the handling surfaces on durable goods or weather-exposed applications such as vehicle licence plates.


  • PG is a newly developed premium grade matt pigment hot stamping foil for general purpose applications
  • WI for high gloss, high coat weight application of colour to rigid plastics and other materials, especially where durability in an outdoor environment is important
  • PP for high gloss, high coat weight application of colour to higher melt-point polyolefin plastics such as polpropylene and high density polyethylene
  • NP for ‘roll on’ application to PVC and laminate vehicle licence plates, again with excellent outdoor durability, DIN 74069 approved
  • EZ for deep stamping of lettering and fine detail into rigid plastics