Transmet laminate

Transmet is API’s film-free metallic laminate option for paperboard. It provides an all-over, print-receptive coating to the base material in a bright metallic finish. A metallic layer, less than 0.1 micron thick, combined with a water based adhesive allows packaging waste to be disposed by recycling or composting. The brightness and smoothness of Transmet’s metallic finish is highly dependent on the surface of the base material. Advice is available on appropriate board selection. Transmet is suitable for all commonly used printing technologies and responds well to embossing and foil stamping.


  • Finish – plain bright metallic or holographic
  • Printablity – print-receptive release lacquer or API’s proprietary NC lacquer
  • Base material – 50 to 600gsm, customer-specified or API sourced
  • Finished sizes – reels or sheets, up to 1.5m wide Contact API laminates