Metallised film laminate

API metallised PET film laminates provide a plain metallic finish to board or paper which is bright, robust and suitable for most print and finishing processes.

The laminate option provides a smoother, brighter metallic effect compared with printed metallic inks or directly metallised paper/board and is ideal for large metallic areas or reversed out graphics.

Film laminates

Film laminates are suitable for printing by offset, flexo, gravure, letterpress or screen, embossing and foil stamping. They have good scratch resistance on gluing and packing lines and retain their high quality finish at the crease line.

This product is available on an extensive range of base papers and boards.


  • Brightness – matt, bright or superbright
  • Printability – chemically pre-treated or API’s proprietary NC lacquer
  • Base material – 50 to 600gsm, customer-specified or API sourced
  • Finished sizes – reels or sheets, up to 1.5m wide