Fresnel lens laminate

Offering unparalleled depth and movement, Fresnel micro structures provide an optically correct lens which both transmits and reflect light into the surrounding environment.

Even in their plain, unprinted form, they invite curiosity followed by incredulity as the viewer inevitably runs their hands over the surface to confirm that it is indeed perfectly flat.

Integrated with printed graphics, Fresnel lenses can significantly increases shelf impact; catching the busy shopper’s eye and encouraging them to pick up the pack or carton to take a closer look.

The opportunity to combine Fresnel structures with holographic or achromatic effects broadens still further the permutations that are available through bespoke design and the creation of hybrid films, and whilst ball lenses are at the heart of all Fresnel patterns, customisation and combinations of facets and differing lens sizes presents the packaging designer with a limitless range of options.

API pioneered the introduction of Fresnel lenses into the European packaging space and our work has been recognised by the Dupont Global Packaging Awards as well as the European Carton Manufacturers Association.

With the experience of numerous high profile projects, we offer unrivalled expertise in design and specification of lens solutions, combined with production capabilities which ensure the best possible registration to print.

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  • Printability – pre-treated or NC lacquer
  • Base material – 120gm to 450gm paper/board, customer-specified or API sourced
  • Finished sizes – reels or sheets, up to 1.2m wide