Putting sustainable Wow Factors into your products with Fully Bespoke Holographics

As well increasing consumer awareness, extending shelf impact and delivering a better overall on shelf appeal experience, holographic effects help your customers easily distinguish their own products from those of their main competitors. By creating the right holographic effects to communicate their brand values and clear identity, our customers can gain a major advantage.

Premium brands have been utilising holographic effects for years, but our unique approach and experience means these effects are now available for everyday consumer goods and FMCG products across many sectors. API’ s expertise and collaborative approach as well as the ability to deliver on pack presentation benefits with a range of colours and patterns gives your products a leading edge against competitors.

What’s more with the advent of sustainable and recyclable packaging solutions JPF API is moving holographic packaging and finishing into easy reach of eco aware customers and consumers.

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Holographic Laminate Pearla
Decorative Laminates - Holographic Laminate
Holographic Laminate Leonidas
Holographic Laminate Garnier Skin

JPF API Laminates Product Case Studies

JPF API Laminates is a leading manufacturer and distributor of foils, films and laminates used to enhance the visual appeal of products and packaging and to help our customers communicate brand values and authenticity.

With our focus on customer service, technical expertise and a highly collaborative approach to working with supply chain partners to meet the most demanding requirements of brand owners and specifiers.

Take a look at our product case studies to see how we have helped deliver for our customers.

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JPF API Laminates Delivers for Taittinger

In this case study, learn how JPF API delivers for Taittinger with fresnel lens champagne gift cartons, holographic footballs and more.[...]

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JPF API’s Fresnel Lens Laminate creates sophisticated image for Esse Change

In this case study, learn how JPF API's Fresnel Lens Laminate created a sophisticated image for Esse’s Limited Edition product.[...]

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Streamlined Surface Inspection for Laminate Production

In this case study, learn how JPF API Laminate's worked with Lake Image Systems to streamline surface inspection for Laminate Production.[...]

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