Ecotherm Food Wrap ™

JPF API’s Ecotherm Food Wrap ™ is the perfect fats food paper wrap or bag material, completely plastic free and recyclable. Deliver your products’ optimum taste and enjoyment with the following features and benefits:

  • Effective ‘Dead Fold’ wrap memory
  • KIT 12 Grease resistance on Aluminum side
  • Printable surface compatible with all print and manufacturing processes, including all bag making production
  • Fully recyclable
  • Custom grammages available
  • Can be used for all fast foods, hot and cold

Wrap material available in 40 to 50gsm

  • Excellent dead fold properties keeps air out better than traditional greaseproof wraps
  • Proven heat and quality retention keeping food warmer for longer
  • High performance in display ovens, keeping food at optimum temperature

Bag Material available in 80 to 95 gsm

  • Converts at high speed in bag making processes
  • Keeps food warmer for longer, especially key for delivery applications
  • Attractive, recyclable and functional
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Ecotherm & Insulative Bag Material
Ecotherm Food Wrap - Fish and chips

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