Transmet Laminate

Transmet Laminate is an environmentally friendly, sustainable, decorative material, suitable for all commonly used printing technologies and responds well to embossing and foil stamping.

With the absence of a plastic film and with a metallic layer, less than 0.1 microns in thickness, combined with a water based adhesive it allows packaging waste to be disposed by recycling or composting.

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Transmet Laminate
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Recyclable with paper

JPF API has organised independent testing of our Transmet Products to the industry recognised Aticelca 501 standard and are delighted it confirms compliance with EN 13430 and can be declared ‘Recyclable with paper’.

To achieve the mark and wording RECYCLABLE WITH PAPER – our Transmet material was laboratory tested according to the UNI 11743:2019 standard and the identification of the level of recyclability according to the Aticelca 501/2019 evaluation system.

Recyclable with paper

Transmet Laminate Features & Benefits

Available in Silver, Gold, Holographic and Fresnel Lens finishes, Transmet can be produced on papers as low as 25gsm and on carton boards up to 500gsm, ensuring that your brand stands out on shelf and is recyclable. Transmet Laminate is compatible with Gravure, Offset UV & conventional, Flexo UV & conventional and silk screen.

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Environmentally friendly

Film-free “Mono-material” that can be recycled through normal waste streams.


Easier to handle, reduced machine wear and less downtime due to fewer change-overs.


Excellent printability, with a number of print receptive lacquers available.

Total cost of ownership

Reduced total cost of ownership, through handling and lower logistical costs.


Transmet is suitable for use with all traditional printing technologies and works well with embossing and foil stamping.

Transmet Laminate Options

Typical product applications include Folding Cartons, Rigid Boxes, and Tube/Box Wrap.

  • Finish – plain bright metallic or holographic
  • Printablity – print-receptive release lacquer or API’s proprietary NC lacquer
  • Base material – 25 to 500gsm, customer-specified or API sourced
  • Finished sizes – reels or sheets, up to 1.5m wide
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transmet laminate bowmore
transmet laminate bowmore
Nespresso illy 10 lungo classico
Nespresso illy 10 lungo classico
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JPF API Laminates Product Case Studies

JPF API Laminates is a leading manufacturer and distributor of foils, films and laminates used to enhance the visual appeal of products and packaging and to help our customers communicate brand values and authenticity.

With our focus on customer service, technical expertise and a highly collaborative approach to working with supply chain partners to meet the most demanding requirements of brand owners and specifiers.

Take a look at our product case studies to see how we have helped deliver for our customers.

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