Coding & date stamping foils

Coding foils are used for imprinting information, including variable data, on products and packaging during the production or filling process. They are typically used for adding manufacturing traceability data such as dates and batch numbers.

Compared with inkjet and other alternative marking systems, foil coding is a simpler and cleaner process. The result is highly resistant to rubbing, scuffing and chemical attack which makes it ideally suited to use for regulatory and safety-critical marking. The application of heat and pressure during data imprinting and the absence of any dot structure to the image ensure that foil coding retains its legibility even when small, fine type is used on uneven and difficult substrates.

Due to its simplicity, foil-based coding equipment is highly reliable, inexpensive to maintain and straight-forward to operate compared to alternative electronic printing systems. API offers a full range of coding foils in different shades and grades to suit most substrates, including paper and film based materials, hard plastics, acrylics & acetates, nylon, polystyrene, PVC, lacquered wood, metals and leather.

API coding foils are sold and supplied worldwide through an extensive network of owned and third party distributors in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australasia.


  • GT (DC8) is the industry standard for high-speed lettering and date coding for food, pharmaceutical and industrial labelling and films
  • GT range is available in an extensive range of shades
  • PE grade for marking of cables and pipes
  • Reel sizes up to 18,000 m x 1220 mm
  • Other grades are available for specialist coding of pipe, cable and clinical products; please contact API application support for information