Decorative Laminates for Products & Packaging

Many of the world’s premier brands are packaged using our laminated papers and boards. Our laminate materials convey the sense of enduring quality and distinction which top brands require whilst offering a wide range of eye-catching decorative effects which really stand out in today’s highly competitive retail environment.

We are Europe’s longest-established and largest producer of paper and board laminates for the packaging of consumer goods.

Transmet Laminate


Decorative Holographics for Products & Packaging

JPF API’s holographic products are available in a range of materials to add extra visual appeal to products and packaging over and above a simple reflective metallic finish. Shifting colour and directions of light help to increase shelf impact and attract consumer interest, and carefully chosen holographic patterns can be an effective means of communicating brand values and identity.

JPF API Laminates Product Case Studies

JPF API Laminates is a leading manufacturer and distributor of foils, films and laminates used to enhance the visual appeal of products and packaging and to help our customers communicate brand values and authenticity.

With our focus on customer service, technical expertise and a highly collaborative approach to working with supply chain partners to meet the most demanding requirements of brand owners and specifiers.

Take a look at our product case studies to see how we have helped deliver for our customers.

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