New Transmet™ Innovation Paper Product, ECOTHERM™

JPF API Laminates UK Limited are proud to launch their latest Transmet™ innovation paper product, ECOTHERM™

The perfect fast food, completely plastic free, recyclable, paper wrap. Helping to deliver your products’ optimum taste and enjoyment. The technical team at JPF API have been working hard to create a substrate which is the perfect fast food, plastic wrap replacement. Considering many important factors, such as grease resistance and heat retention.

Dino Kiriakopoulos, CEO explains, “As part of our sustainable product innovation program, Ecotherm is a recyclable fibre based material that retains the optimum temperature of fast food products. Available in a number of customized grammages and sizes, our Ecotherm products are ideal for hot food wraps and also as a base material in heavier grammages for take away food bags.

Using Ecotherm is a sustainable choice, that keeps take- away foods at optimum condition for longer, whether it be in wrap or bag format. Please contact us and we will provide you a sustainable custom solution that keeps take-away foods delicious for longer.”

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