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Oct 2020 Press Release

Now you can be ‘Completely Plastic Free’ with JPF API

Today, JPF API Laminates UK Ltd announces the official launch of their TRANSFLX product. A joint development with Arjowiggins, in providing a superior, sustainable plastic free, fibre based packaging material.

Dino Kiriakopoulos CEO said, “We are proud today to launch TRANSFLX, a completely plastic free high product with both high moisture and oxygen barrier. Together with the team at Arjowiggins we have taken their excellent Sylvicta product, and added our class leading Transmetâ„¢ technology to it to create a sustainable product that can be used in a number of packaging arenas.”

Antony Fitzsimmons Commercial Director added, “TRANSFLX is the culmination of a long period of intense R and D. It can be used in a number of packaging areas. We can tailor the product to the needs of the converter and brand owner. This is just the first of a range of plastic free functional barrier products we will be launching over the coming weeks.”

For further information, please contact: salesdesk@apilaminates.com Antony.Fitzsimmons@apilaminates.com

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