Wines, beers & spirits

Based on our historical links to the Scotch Whisky industry, API is the European market leader in laminated carton materials for the spirits sector and a major worldwide supplier of stamping foils for wine, beer and spirits packaging. We provide a wide range of options for enhancing and communicating brand image through high impact graphics, finishes and effects, including all kinds of metallics and holographics. JPF API Laminates has pioneered the use of fresnel lenses on packaging for a number of high profile brands. We work directly with brand owners, as well as design agencies and packaging producers and, based on our scale, experience and reputation, we are trusted with packaging developments and supply for many of the world’s leading brands.  

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Trends API looks at design, covering materials and finishes and how they can be applied effectively to your brands. For more information view our Trends section on our website.