API’s long association with the tobacco industry can be traced back over more than 40 years of producing the renown gold foil board for the Benson and Hedges brand.

Today, we are the laminates partner of choice for all of the leading industry players, as well as supplying holographic brand security solutions.

We provide a wide range of options for enhancing and communicating brand image through high impact graphics, finishes and effects, including all kinds of metallics, holographics and lenses.

API has a track record of bringing innovation to the sector, developing the first mass-market applications of both custom holographics and Fresnel lenses to cigarette packaging, printed in register by reel-fed gravure.

Our materials are compliant with all industry regulations and are proven on all models of high speed packing lines, backed up by a rigorous testing and quality control regime.

We work directly with brand owners as well as design agencies and packaging producers and are trusted with major development projects based on our scale, experience and reputation.

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API looks at design, covering materials and finishes and how they can be applied effectively to your brands.

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