Printed media

Notwithstanding the rise of electronic media and internet downloading, physical book sales have continued to prove remarkably resilient, the magazine sector remains vibrant and the home collection has established a strong, defendable position for the DVD movie format.

Authors and publishers put a huge amount of thought in to the title of a novel and there can be no substitute for an eye catching cover to help grab the browsers attention in the book store, building the readers attachment to the title as the book is handled during reading and then placed on the shelf for safe keeping.

Holographic and lens effects, combined with high impact printed graphics can be particularly eye catching.

high proportion of DVD sales occur when a title is first released and a well-designed cover, supported by a focused advertising campaign, can be an effective marketing investment. The laminated board packaging format is particularly versatile and can incorporate metallic, holographic and lens effects including custom patterns registered to print.

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