API is leading the way with the transfer metallization of film, paper and now non-woven substrates.

Whilst traditionally our focus has mainly been on the packaging industry, we’ve also found that our products and capabilities offer functional benefits for other industries and applications:

  • Transfer metallizing and laminating films and foils offer thermal insulation and barrier properties that can be applied across a number of applications and industries, including construction
  • Transfer metallizing materials other than paper, board and films, such as fabrics and non-wovens, can be done in principle (in reel format) to provide functional characteristics.

As a pioneer of the transfer metallization process, API is the obvious partner for companies looking to add the functional benefits of metallization to substrates that won’t survive the direct metallization process.

Find out more about our products and capabilities:

  • Transmet Paper laminate for transfer metallization of film, paper, non woven and fabric
  • Transmet laminate for cartons, soft cup labels and inner frame board