Transfer Metallizing & Laminating Films/Foils for the Industrial Market

API is leading the way with the transfer metallization of film, paper and now non-woven substrates.

Transfer metallizing and laminating films and foils offer thermal insulation and barrier properties that can be applied across a number of applications and industries, including construction.

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transfer metallization
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Fabric and Non-Woven Transfer Metallizing

As a pioneer of the transfer metallization process, JPF API is the obvious partner for companies looking to add either the functional or decorative benefits of transfer metallization to substrates other than paper & board.

Reel to reel Transfer metallizing of materials, such as BOPP film, LDPE, fabrics and non-wovens adds both enhanced decorative appeal or functional performance to your preferred base material.

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transfer metallization
transfer metallization

JPF API Laminates Product Case Studies

JPF API Laminates is a leading manufacturer and distributor of foils, films and laminates used to enhance the visual appeal of products and packaging and to help our customers communicate brand values and authenticity.

With our focus on customer service, technical expertise and a highly collaborative approach to working with supply chain partners to meet the most demanding requirements of brand owners and specifiers.

Take a look at our product case studies to see how we have helped deliver for our customers.

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