JPF API Susceptor+PLUS

JPF API laminated Susceptor+PLUS, is designed to convert microwave energy into radiant heat to assist with the cook performance of foods in microwave oven.

Specifically, susceptor material provides heat to the outside surface of the food to promote browning and crisping. This in turn improves appearance and eating experience.

Produced for over twenty years at our factory, JPF API microwave Susceptor+PLUS, provides the addition of a specified laminated paper or paperboard insert to create the final microwaveable packaging. 

Ideal for applications such as pies, fries, pizzas, popcorn and even entire multi-component ready meals.

A range of products are available for most types of application, including a safety version which provides extra protection against the risk of combustion from over-heating.

All are approved for direct food contact and proven to avoid taint or odour.

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