API's Fresnel lens laminate creates sophisticated image for Esse

Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corporation, Koreas’ leading tobacco company and the world’s fifth largest tobacco firm has turned to API to provide the brand enhancement packaging solution for their premium flagship tobacco product Esse Change.

Renowned for their innovative design, KT&G wanted to create a sophisticated ‘Limited Edition’ pack for the super slim tobacco product to coincide with the celebration of the Korean Lunar New Year. Working closely with the company’s raw materials R&D manager to explore options, API focused on a luxury design that captured the lunar celebration and added a dynamic element for Esse Change users while still maintaining the demanding production requirements of a super slim tobacco pack.

With this in mind API provided KT&G with the latest Fresnel Lens PET Laminate, giving a depth and kinetic focus that radiated across the pack and allowed a sophisticated interplay between the pack print and design.

Using KT&G’s artwork as its basis, API worked closely with the lens design to deliver maximum depth within the hologram for Esse’s Limited Edition product. This ensured the demanding technical requirements of the super slim pack were met.

Precise registration

The API Fresnel Lens Laminate was supplied in sheets to the precise registration demanded for over-printing in Korea and the creation of the super slim pack at KT&G. Offering unparalleled depth and movement, Fresnel micro structures provide an optically correct lens which both transmits and reflects light.

Over 9 million Limited Edition Esse Packs were produced in time for the Korean Lunar New Year. The packs were manufactured in less than 3 months and involved a number of global supply chain partners to ensure production was kept to schedule.

Product development

The Fresnel Lens Laminate enabled KT&G to add value to the Esse Change brand in a visually unique way through the interplay between API’s Fresnel effect and the printed pack.

API are now working further with KT&G to use the Fresnel Lens Laminate on their Bohem Cigar brand in order to provide a premium and highly visual effect to this pack.

Custom holographics and Fresnel lenses when combined with API’s precise registration capability are exciting technologies that give real depth to a brand’s packaging and link with the trend for both shelf presence and the wow factor demanded by consumers across a wide variety of categories.

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