JPF API Laminates Delivers for Taittinger

Back in 2012 JPF API Laminates were introduced to the leading, family owned Champagne house of Taittinger.

Based in the heart of the French countryside in Reims, it was JPF API’s Fresnel lens effect that first captured Taittinger’s imagination, representing as it does the bubbles, so essential to quality Champagne.

JPF API worked closely with Taittinger’s marketing team to quickly refine the graphics and the visual effect delivered by the Fresnel lens and within a few months of the first contact, production of the first Taittinger ‘Bulles en Fete’ champagne gift cartons was underway – setting the scene for the ongoing successful relationship between both companies.

Now in its third year JPF API have continued to provide Taittinger with a number of exciting and innovative developments to ensure Taittinger’s gift cartons provide the experience and impact demanded by a luxury brand. From Special Edition gift boxes for the World Cup and Nocturne products through to the latest use of Fresnel lens technology combining with precise print registration to deliver the latest packaging solutions across the Taittinger portfolio.

Champagne Taittinger continues to work with JPF API and further, new and innovative applications are in development. It is a pleasure to work with a client who is brave and bold and prepared to embrace something out of the ordinary to support and enhance such a luxury brand.


  • 2012 Development of original champagne fresnel lens – ‘Bulles en Fete’
  • 2013 Taittinger Champagne colour packs
  • Twin gift pack launch
  • Nocturne ‘Disco’ lens pack
  • 2014 World Cup limited edition lens pack
  • 2015 Lens pack developments
API Laminates Delivers for Taittinger
API Laminates Delivers for Taittinger
API Laminates Delivers for Taittinger

About Taittinger

Taittinger is one of the few champagne producers still being run by the family whose name is on the label. Their champagnes are characterised by a dominant note of chardonnay, which contributes to its elegance and sophistication.

Produced in a range of colours to reflect the vintage and character of the wine within, the pink rosé, white blanc de blanc and gold vintage cartons were to be found in duty free outlets and supermarkets across Europe only months after the initial proofs were submitted, a testament to not only JPF API Laminates but the adaptability and eagerness of the nominated French printers involved.

With the gold vintage cartons as a back drop Taittinger again supported the Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2013 held in Los Angeles using the cartons to great effect and creating an intriguing and highly imaginative back drop to the red carpet.

Not content to limit the use of this new, visual device to the single bottle packs alone, new graphics were created for the two bottle bi pack capturing the essence of the single pack in a classically, beautiful gift carton complete with rope handle. Using opaque white on the body of the carton to frame the lenses, the design takes the pink and gold colour ways and reinvents it in an elegant, luxury package, ideal for giving as a gift.

2014 Fresnel lens footballs add sparkle to Taittinger World Cup champagne

With the world cup came the opportunity for JPF API’s designed holographic footballs to create a bit of extra wow factor on the packaging of the official world cup champagne. The lens effect design, featured on the gift carton of the Taittinger limited edition Brut Reserve NV, was developed specifically for the event.
The gift carton built on the original round holographic ‘lens’ champagne bubbles, transforming these bubbles into beautiful holographic footballs. The carton also features the world cup trophy depicted on the packaging and on a gold label on the bottle.

2015 and beyond!

As a company JPF API prides itself on developing multiple ideas to enhance packaging for premium brand owners exemplified by Taittinger.

The longstanding relationship between the companies is clear and continues with the latest gift-packs in the market that utilise the iconic champagne lens together with JPF API’s superior print registration technology to deliver the quality and innovation demanded for luxury packaging.

Just watch this space for the next breath-taking Taittinger pack.

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