Many of the world’s premier brands are packaged using our laminated papers and boards. Our laminate materials convey the sense of enduring quality and distinction which top brands require whilst offering a wide range of eye-catching decorative effects which really stand out in today’s highly competitive retail environment. JPF API is Europe’s longest-established and largest producer of paper and board laminates for the packaging of consumer goods. With over 90 years experience supplying to premium sectors such as fine spirits, tobacco, confectionery and beauty, we are committed to the highest standards of quality and technical excellence, innovation and supply chain efficiency. We work directly with designers, packaging development and marketing professionals; supporting projects from the earliest stages with our market-leading design and development service. By partnering with all the leading paper and paperboard producers and a wide range of film and foil suppliers, we are able to offer the most comprehensive, innovative and continuously developing range of packaging finishes and effects.